Teen Tech 2019

Nine students from E24, X24 and X23 took time out from their relaxing half term break today to come along to the Teen Tech event held at the National College for High Speed Rail and hosted by Maggie Philbin.

We met and worked with engineers, scientists and technology designers to complete a series of challenges throughout the day.  Freddi managed to breakdown and reassemble a mechanical seal in one of the fastest times of the day and all our students presented their idea for an Eco Bubble, a device that would allow damaged areas of coral reef or other endangered habitats to recover whilst offering a relaxing VR experience for virtual holiday makers!

We really enjoyed the day and gained some insights into careers in Science, Technology and Engineering.

Since January, Year 7 have been learning about the human body in their Human Machine STEAM expedition.  They have been studying cells at the ‘microscopic machine’ level as well as the organs of the digestive and respiratory systems at the ‘macroscopic machine’ level, in order to answer the guiding question “Why is my body like a machine?”

They are now ready to share their findings with you, and would like to invite you to join in with a series of activities to present their learning on the following dates:

7 Explorer: Wednesday 27th March, 5:30-6:30pm

7 Pioneer: Thursday 28th March, 5:30-6:30pm

For a taster of what we have been studying, visit our expedition website.

We look forward to seeing you and thank you for your continued support.

All E25 students have been sent an email reminding them to revise their Case Study 2 content of the Human Machine expedition.  We will use some of our class time after the holiday to revise Case Study 1, but they are free to work on this on their own over the holiday too.

We will have a written assessment on this (as well as Case Study 1) on Friday 22nd March.

There are many resources to support them in their revision, including the expedition website, which itself contains many helpful links, videos, learning target rubrics, quizlets and lesson resources.  Some students chose to take their class books home with them and all students were given a paper copy of the revision grid for Case Study 2 to start them off.

Please continue to encourage your child to talk about their learning at home and to share their revision progress with you.

Many thanks,

Mrs Townson

We are recruiting

We are actively looking for teachers in the below subjects:

  • English
  • Maths

We will consider ANY LEVEL of experience from Senior Leadership to NQTs.

Visiting the school would be advantageous but not necessary. If you would like to visit the school please send an email to vacancies@xptrust.org or call us on 01302 898792 to choose a slot we have available.

Deadline for applications of all posts is 12 noon, Monday 25th March 2019.

Interviews are likely to take place w/c Monday 1st April 2019.

Please click here to see how to apply.

Year 8 HUMS Extended Study


Create your own propaganda poster to support Macbeth’s power using existing WW2 nazi to influence your design.


You could do the same, but from the perspective of Malcolm as he plans to overthrow Macbeth’s cruel rise to power.

It must:

  • Include some persuasive text;
  • Use cross hatching;
  • Use images or designs influenced by existing propaganda posters;
  • Be in pencil or pen.

Remember, the purpose of this extended study is to practise skills you will need for your final product.

Due Date

Tuesday 19th March


For ideas about designs, just search for ‘Nazi propaganda posters’.

A great video here to give you some tips on cross-hatching.

Still stuck?

Why don’t you try setting up a study group with friends to play with some ideas together?

As a last resort, email me. I’m always happy to help once you’ve already tried to unstick yourself.

Shackleton Lost At Sea

It’s been a brilliant half term for Crew Shackleton, but I think it’s fair to say, if you’re lost at sea with anyone from this crew, you’re in trouble.

Considering we’re named after a famous ocean explorer, we’ve got a bit of work to do.

That is according to the Lost at Sea activity we did this week where each person was given a list of 15 items they were able to salvage from a sinking ship. Items were ordered 1-15 in terms of their importance.

Once this was done individually, we worked in groups of 3-4 to decide on the best order using teamwork skills, communication and problem solving, with clear expectations about what this mean before the session started.

Our results were then compared to a panel of survival experts’ rankings to reveal how likely we were to survive.

Thankfully, most students would have survive. But only just.

And as for April and Faith…I think they’re still bobbing around in the Atlantic Ocean somewhere!

The point, however, was working as a group to solve a problem. Some of our strengths were:

  • encouraging each other to contribute asking questions;
  • being respectful with each others’ ideas;
  • having some controlled fun;
  • Excellent time-keeping – everyone finished on-time.

Well done Crew Shackleton. A really enjoyable activity.

A big shout out to Faith and Lilly who circulated to help people with their maths when calculating their scores, and Nikodem who took it upon himself to help another crew member correct their mistakes.

And, Crew Shackleton, I agree. I don’t care whether it’s top of the list or not, Shark repellent is coming with me!

Fabulous Dancing from 7X1

All the hard work since January has paid off! 7X1 showed courage and craftsmanship & quality whilst performing this dance routine to the rest of year 7. This has been achieved by showing determination and the HOWLs, with many students never having danced before – a superb effort from everyone.

A special mention to Lexi – fantastic gymnastic skills – and a massive appreciation to Sharna who has worked with these students to teach them this routine.


Crew Finch become Yogis!

During this last week of term, Year 8 students have been busy preparing for and delivering their STEAM Presentation of Learning, as well as going on fieldwork to Leeds University where they attended seminars and presented to medical students there.  We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: we don’t wind down at the end of term, we wind up!

However, we took the opportunity in Crew to explore ways in which we could ‘wind down’ a little bit by having a yoga session.  We began with a discussion about why yoga is beneficial.  We are quite a sporty crew – we are a mix of runners, dancers, footballers, MMA fighters, rugby and basketball players! – so we all appreciate the physical benefits of stretching, strengthening and improving our flexibility. However, yoga also helps us to improve our focus and to persevere, as well as encouraging us to practice compassion to others and to ourselves.

We worked through a simple Sun Salutation flow (with a cheeky Warrior pose thrown in for those who wanted a bit more of a challenge!) ending with a 5 minute guided relaxation. We then circled up and discussed how yoga had made us feel.  The boys especially enjoyed it, with Thomas and Mackenzie both commenting that yoga was actually a lot harder than they thought it would be (the grunts and moans I heard from them whilst getting into poses confirmed this!) Aden particularly enjoyed the relaxation at the end, saying that he loved the bit where he was instructed to breathe in peace and relaxation, and breathe out anything that was bothering him. He felt “hypnotised” by the end of it.

We will be doing more yoga and mindfulness activities next term, and I’ve already had a request to do a Warrior sequence – seems to be a favourite pose!


When do you stop being XP?

When do you stop being XP?  In our Community Meeting last week our students volunteered several answers, but the consensus was that our character traits are considered as being for life. We certainly do not stop being XP at the end of term, nor after school on Fridays in the Mountain Biking Club…..

Our “regular riders” loan bikes built with craftsmanship and quality, they show courage when riding more technical trails, they exhibit compassion and integrity towards each other and they respect other road and trail users.

We use GPS tracking technology to monitor our cumulative miles ridden, and – coached by our professional cycling instructor Chris Green – we ride cycle paths, quiet roads and local woodland. No two rides are exactly the same, but sample routes are below…..







Go, Crew Churchill!

It’s been a great week in Crew Churchill!

After our weekend and HoWLs check-in on Monday morning and an excellent day at Leeds University on Wednesday for fieldwork, we have had two excellent crew sessions led by us!

On Tuesday, Tyler and Alyssa led a session based on our HoWL ‘Work Hard’ and encouraged everyone to participate and take part in a game of dodgeball. Before playing, we circled up and they led a crew discussion about how working hard as a team can help everyone succeed.

Take a look at our dodgeball skills!

Today, our crew session was led by Theone, Aran and Ruby and they had planned their session around another of our HoWLs, ‘Be Kind’. Working in pairs, we had to work our way across an obstacle course. To make things even more tricky, the crew member who was moving across the course had to be blindfolded!

We had to work with each other, taking note of our partner’s instructions as they guided us along. It was great fun, particularly hoolahooping wearing a blindfold!