Crew Young’s Academic Resolutions


Crew Young got off to a blistering start to 2019, by tracing the origins of New Year’s Resolutions. We discovered this widely-held tradition dates back to Babylonian and Roman times, and has been linked to the reimbursement of monies owed to others and to promises made to Janus, the Roman God. On the left is an example of an early twentieth century New Year’s resolution postcard.


We have scrutinised Crew attendance data, and HOWLs grades to identify who gets smart, works hard and is kind to others. Whilst Crew Young were justly proud of their first place position in the Crew HOWLs comparison table, Lewis warned against the dangers of complacency, and pointed out that we could score even more highly.

This lead to a discussion about how we might answer our guiding question: “how can I hit the ground running in the first week back?”, and to the creation of a personal academic resolution that will be reviewed – and if necessary refined – and that we will need to consider when we appraise our performance in our next Student-Led Conference. Here are a selection of academic resolutions:

7Explorer Immersion Week!

Phew!  It’s been a busy week so far for 7Explorer and we’ve only been back at school for three days!

The new year has seen the launch of our new expedition, beginning with Immersion Week which is when we are given lots of clues about what our new expedition and guiding question might be about.  We have to try and piece the clues together, looking out for any red herrings!

We started by sharing the following quotation:

‘I wanted you to see what real courage is.  It’s when you know you’re licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and see it through no matter what.’

We then watched the opening credits to the film ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’.Image result for to kill a mockingbird opening credits

What could the connection be?

Yesterday, we travelled to Liverpool where we visited the International Slavery Museum.  We are now busy trying to work out how what we saw and heard could link with our new expedition.Image result for international slavery museum liverpool

Today, we took part in a Gallery Walk, contemplating different images, some happy, some quite harrowing, and thought about how these could also be linked.  A couple of us think we spotted some red herrings!

So far, words such as unique, slavery, division, separation, punishment, racism and rights have been shared.

The ‘big reveal’ is on Friday – what do you think our new expedition will be about?

Lost Property

We have some student bags that have been left at school before the Christmas break. If you recognise any of them please can you ask your child to collect them from XP School reception.

They will be kept for 4 weeks before they are redistributed.  Many thanks 

Crew Turing were uncharacteristically quiet when we circled up for Crew upon returning to school after two whole weeks off school. I was delighted to share news of our impressive HOWLs and grade averages for the last term and that five members of my crew have been flagged up for smashing their MEGs. 

New years are exciting, they give us a refreshing outlook on our goals and achievements this past year. C25 ended 2018 year on a high with that incredible celebration of learning, and they have a lot to be grateful for – a new school, new friends, a crew, success in their work and learning. We had a fantastic final week before Christmas, where we appreciated one another and threw a little Crew-smas party to commemorate the successes of our first 4 months here.

My crew worked their socks off last term and it paid off! However, that’s not to say we can’t spend a little time and energy into bettering ourselves, picking up new skills or achieving more.

We started off our discussions in crew on Monday by doing a whip-around, where crew shared resolutions that they were thinking of making for this year. Lewis is hoping to achieve his black belt, Dylan would like to complete his grade 3 in drums, Jess is working with a new horse at her stables, Callum hopes to finally beat Torran’s team in their league, Charlotte is working on her organisation. As a crew, we acknowledged that our PE kit checklist could improve considerably! The guiding question for this week in crew is ‘How can I hit the ground running this term?’

We spoke about how we cannot afford to be complacent at this point in the year despite being the top scoring crew in all three HOWLs on average. There’s reasons why we believe we’ve managed to achieve this. There is definitely a correlation between being the top of the attendance leaderboard for most the term, and scoring the highest HOWLs on average for the year group. But also, a lot of time, effort and reflection has gone into those grades too.

So we kicked off crew today asking what does ‘hitting the ground running’ actually mean?

We used a Carousel Brainstorm protocol in groups of 4 to decode what “hitting the ground running” looks like, feels like, and sounds like. I liked how my crew were responding to each others comments – someone wrote that it would ‘sound like’ silence, which we then concluded as a crew might not be the case, as long as discussion was on topic and at an appropriate time. My favourite of the bunch was the contribution that hitting the ground running makes you “feels like a champion”. We finished crew by rating our first couple of days back out of 4.5. There were no 4.5s just yet, but we’ve still got 2 days before we answer the guiding question and I have high hopes for an improvement, from what I heard this morning.

Callum perfectly summed up our discussions about returning to school, as he often does, with the ever so slightly clichéd but also magnificently optimistic “2019 is going to be our year”, I look forward to what 2019 has in store for us.

Updated ETA

E25 are expected to arrive back at school at approximately 5:15 pm.


Y7/E25 Fieldwork Reminder

Happy New Year!

Here’s a reminder about fieldwork which has been planned for 7Explorer and 7Pioneer as part of our immersion activities to launch our new expedition.

On Tuesday 8th January 2019, we will be travelling by coach to a location approximately 2 hours from Doncaster.  Remember – we aren’t revealing the exact location until Tuesday, as we would like to maintain an element of mystery with regards to the upcoming theme!

The arrangements are as follows:

  • all students to arrive at school by 8.00am to ensure a prompt departure from school at 8.20am
  • we will be travelling by coach (approx. 2 hours)
  • all students will need to bring a packed lunch (no glass bottles or fizzy drinks, please)
  • please bring any prescribed medication required, clearly labelled in a plastic bag or envelope with your child’s name and required dosage
  • sensible clothing and shoes need to be worn (we will be inside for the day)
  • all students will return to school at approximately 5.30 p.m
  • please bring £1.00 for a locker to store bags and coats (this is refundable)

In the interests of ensuring a prompt departure from, and return back, to school it is important that – as always – our students arrive on time on these fieldwork days.

Many thanks.

Image result for unknown destination quotes

Crew Parkinson’s Christmas

I hope everyone in Crew Parkinson had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to the year ahead.

We had a fabulous last week at school. Secret Santa was a wonderful Crew session – it was great hearing all the laughter and seeing everyone with massive smiles on their faces. Thank you Crew Parkinson for spreading Christmas cheer.


We also had a great time at Flip Out. This was our reward for brilliant conduct in PE and everyone remembering to bring their kit each week. Keep this up! We had some great laughs during our time there. Needless to say the Crew were definitely better than I was – Aaron and Kristian were particular superstars at it!


I’d like to thank Crew for a wonderful start to the academic year, I’m sure next year will be even better.

Happy New Year Crew!

Merry Christmas from Crew Young!

This week started with Crew Young’s completion of their “Earth, Wind and Fire” tree plaques, jointly with Crew Churchill, in our well-equipped technology workshop. The week ended with the official planting of the trees, together with the students’ plaques, in the grassed area adjacent to the perimeter fence. A very special appreciation for Mrs Duffield who not only gave master classes in the production of the plaques, but who also braved the elements this morning to help our students to curate their final product.

Between Monday and Friday we also dedicated time to silent reading and spent yesterday’s Crew session reviewing the reasons why we adopted “Crew Young” as our moniker. Crew Young lived up to the expectation that we do indeed think differently!

As Crew Leader I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our Crew Young parents for their continued support of the school, to wish them a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year.

We start all over again at 8.30 a.m. on Monday 7th January 2019.

Champions in action!

To some, this might seem like a casual game of basketball.  But this is so much more. This is Crew Finch putting in the practice to make sure we hold on to our title as Inter-Crew Sports Challenge Champions!

We currently hold the title for our badminton prowess, but we’re pretty confident that we can have basketball in the bag – or should that be, hoop! – too, thanks to our secret weapon: Hatfield Flyers player, Tom!

Despite being split into two opposing teams, there was a great sense of teamwork and crew throughout session.  We circled up at the end, where Crew had the opportunity to appreciate one another.

The biggest appreciation went to Tom for his excellent coaching skills, top tips and sportsmanship.  Mackenzie was also appreciated for being an excellent team captain and for making sure everyone on his team were involved.

Inter-Crew Basketball comp: Bring. It. On!

‘Charity: whole school contribution’

We would like to thank all students and parents for contributing to ‘Save the Children…Christmas Jumper Day’ and food for ‘Freely Given, Given Freely’. Today our lovely X25 ambassadors delivered all of the food and saw how it would be distributed. It was a great set up for the helping the local community: who freely give donated food and goods to families and individuals in need. In total we raised £207.00 for ‘Save the Children’ and fifteen bags of food. In the New Year we are hoping to work with the organisation, with a hope to donate items that our students families may no longer need.

Once again thank you!