Contact the School

Here are the email addresses for our staff.

We actively encourage regular contact between parents and Crew Leaders as this relationship is essential for ensuring success in the years to come.

Whilst face to face conversation, and then via telephone, are the most effective ways to communicate with each other – sometimes a quick email is more convenient for all parties concerned.

Please add to the following to email the relevant teacher:

Mr Portman (Head of XP East) –  jportman

Mrs Poncia (SENCO / Y8 Crew Leader) – kponcia

Mr Smith (Teacher / Y8 Crew Leader) – jsmith

Mrs Parker (Teacher / Y8 Crew Leader / Learning Coach) – aparker

Mr Pearson (Teacher / Y8 Crew Leader) – dpearson

Mrs Townson (Teacher / Y7 Crew Leader) – jtownson

Mr Brown (Teacher / Y7 Crew Leader) – abrown

Miss Haughey (Teacher / Y7 Crew Leader) – khaughey

Miss Hickson (Teacher / Y7 Crew Leader) – hhickson

Mrs Newrick (Learning Coach) – snewrick

Mr Ryder (Learning Coach) – dryder

Mrs Duffield (Learning Coach) – cduffield