Champions in action!

To some, this might seem like a casual game of basketball.  But this is so much more. This is Crew Finch putting in the practice to make sure we hold on to our title as Inter-Crew Sports Challenge Champions!

We currently hold the title for our badminton prowess, but we’re pretty confident that we can have basketball in the bag – or should that be, hoop! – too, thanks to our secret weapon: Hatfield Flyers player, Tom!

Despite being split into two opposing teams, there was a great sense of teamwork and crew throughout session.  We circled up at the end, where Crew had the opportunity to appreciate one another.

The biggest appreciation went to Tom for his excellent coaching skills, top tips and sportsmanship.  Mackenzie was also appreciated for being an excellent team captain and for making sure everyone on his team were involved.

Inter-Crew Basketball comp: Bring. It. On!