Both 8 Pioneer and 8 Explorer have an extended writing task for which the deadline is next Thursday 18th October.  The question is How was XP East sustainably designed around the principle of…? – the students complete the title by including their personal area of interest following the visit from XP East’s architect, Leanne Stamp, last week. 

All the resources to support this task, including the assessment rubric, are available on Google Classroom and students have been given time in a number of sessions this week to begin their writing, with peer-critique of their work and class-critique of WAGOLLs to support their development of ideas.

The majority of students will type their final draft, but if they have limited access at home to devices they will be permitted to handwrite their work in their book.

Please do email me if you have any questions.

Mrs Townson

Both 8Explorer and 8Pioneer have been set extended study (homework) in HUMANS.  The task is to answer questions about George and Lennie, based on the opening extract of OMAM.  The work is due in on Thursday 20th September.

The questions – and other helpful resources – are available on Google Classrooms.

There is also an extension task for those students up for a challenge!

Don’t forget that all students are encouraged to stay for extended study 3.15-4.30 Monday-Thursday, where they will have access to staff and laptops to help them complete their homework.

Any questions, please see Mr Brown, Mrs Parker or Mr Ryder.

C24 Explorer ES Spanish homework

Our C24 Explorer students have been given a crossword task sheet entitled “from cero to cien” to complete at home and submit in class on Friday. They must complete the answers using the number clues in order to revise the Spanish numbers from 0 – 100.