‘Fish Bowl’

Crew Mandela are into the final stages of their SLC preparation! Beth was the first to model this using a ‘fishbowl’ protocol for the crew. The fishbowl allows other students to observe and critique the SLC process and give kind specific feedback to Beth using the rubrics. Fantastic feedback was given from Alfie as a reminder to give eye contact during the SLC.

A huge appreciation goes to Beth on behalf of the the crew as it really helped other crew members to see how they could improve their SLC delivery and preparation.

Academic Crew Check in

Crew Mandela have again had a Humanities focus this week- our academic Tuesday crew was focused on Hums book work. The crew held each other accountable and showcased the work they were most proud of and presented why. They also held each other accountable for any work that did not showcase the HOWLS. Outstanding contributions to the discussion came from a number of students, in particular Holly N. who showcased some outstanding craftsmanship and quality of draft and redraft work.