Crew Parkinson’s Academic Crew

This week we had an academic check in during Crew. The focus was to self reflect on the Habits of Work and Learning (HOWLs) which are Work Hard, Get Smart and Be Kind.

We discussed the behaviour and conduct that needs to be shown in order to meet the HOWLs to a high level. Each student graded themselves on how well they think they meet the HOWLs using a rubric. We discussed the importance of being able to self evaluate and reflect on your own conduct in order to identify strengths and areas to improve on. Each crew member then shared with crew what their reflections were and identified the HOWL that they most need to work on and set themselves a target for this – we’ll check in on this next week!

Dylan Takes Crew Parkinson to Mount Olympus!

This week, Dylan ran a crew session on the Greek Gods, he wanted to share his passion with the rest of the Crew and I love hearing about crew’s interests! He explained to Crew about the Greek Gods and Mount Olympus, giving each crew member a God/Goddess to be. Once Crew had understood their character there was an activity where each Crew member had to design a palace for their god/goddess based on the qualities of the character. A game of pictionary was then played, where crew had to guess which god/goddess the palace belonged to based on the features of the drawing.

Dylan articulated his information about the Greek gods very well and he clearly put in a huge amount of effort in preparing for this session. He built upon his already existing communication, organisation and leadership skills to create a fantastic crew session enjoyed by all – a massive appreciation to Dylan!

Crew Parkinson Yoga!

Crew Parkinson had a yoga activity crew session this week. We discussed how it is important to create time for yourself which is not just sat in front of a device screen! We followed a yoga sequence, piecing together positions which focus on balance and strength.

Some members of the crew found certain positions challenging and at first the session was met with apprehension by some – however it is brilliant that all crew members got stuck in and had a go.

We completed a whiparound after, where each student said how they felt – there were lots of comments about legs feeling tired, feeling well stretched and feeling like their bodies have been woken up! A great way of getting your muscles ready and awake to start the day.

Well Done Crew!

What Does Crew Mean To You? – Crew Parkinson

In Crew on Wednesday 23rd of January students were asked to go across to Mrs Parker’s crew room and take part in a Digi Crew. In the Digi Crew a handful of students were taught how to post blogs on the XP East website. At the end of the Digi Crew we were all asked to work in pairs or threes and post a blog about what crew means to us from our point of view, instead of the teachers. In Crew Parkinson, 3 students joined the Digi Crew ( Florence, Rosie and Dylan), we have worked together to create a blog post on what crew means to our whole crew.

We had our Friday afternoon Crew session dedicated to ‘ what crew means to you’ . This meant that we shared our favourite moments and what crew means to us, here are some quotes that Crew Parkinson shared:


Crew boosts my confidence and inspires me to do what I  can.  – Ava


I love crew because I trust people and talk to them about any problems I have   – Marcus


Crew brings a smile to my face every morning’ – Lacey 


‘I’d be lost without crew because they help keep me on the right path in both my academic studies and my social life and behaviour.’  – Shanna


‘Crew is my second family.’ – Kristian


These are all quotes made by members of Crew Parkinson. What crew means to you is different for every person in each different crew because we are all unique. All of these quotes maybe different but in a way it all means the same thing.

And finally here are some pictures of our amazing experiences :



Kristian and Aaron’s Crew Session

I was approached by some members of the Crew at the beginning of the week asking if they could run a Crew session. Of course, I said yes – what a great way to take on responsibility improve organisation and leadership skills. Kristian and Aaron led a well planned crew session on Wednesday. They thought about everything they needed to run their activity, such as booking the sports hall, and gave clear instructions to the Crew which was aided by visual slides. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Well done! 

Rosie, Florence and Dylan also attended a Digi-Crew session this week, led by Mrs Parker. As part of this, they were taught how to write a blog post. Rosie, Florence and Dylan have started to prepare their first blog post for Crew – so watch this space! I am really excited to see what they write, I’m sure it will be a credit to themselves and Crew.

Praise for Crew Parkinson!

Crew Parkinson have had another fantastic time in Crew this week.

Our Crew sessions involved discussing who had made it onto one of the Work Hard, Get Smart and Be Kind boards in lessons. This is where staff (and students) acknowledge where students have been meeting the HOWLs in lessons.  I am pleased to say that every member of Crew Parkinson made it onto one of the HOWLs boards at least once this week. An improvement on last week where we only had 5 members of the Crew on the boards – onwards and upwards! We also looked at the praise sheet – this is where students are mentioned for meeting one of the character traits or HOWLs to an outstanding level.

A special mention to Bob who has been entered onto the praise sheet 5 times this week!

Wednesdays are dedicated to activities, either with other Crews or by ourselves, which often revolve around team building. This week we challenged ourselves to the human knot game. The students had to untangle themselves to create a circle without letting go of each other’s hands – communication was key. The Crew dived in trying to untangle only themselves, they soon realised this wouldn’t work and they needed to change tactics. After realising this, they discussed a plan and untangled one person at a time, leading to success! 

I’m looking forward to seeing what next week has in store for us!

Crew Parkinson Hit the Ground Running!

Crew Parkinson have certainly hit the ground running this term! They came back focussed, enthusiastic and ready for anything. The guiding question for the last week was ‘how can I hit the ground running during the first week back?’

We discussed this in Crew, thinking of examples, which revolved around our HOWLs of how we can hit the ground running. Students also nominated a person in Crew who they thought had hit the ground running – I’d like to give a special mention to Marcus who I personally thought had hit the ground running due to his conduct on the fieldwork to Liverpool.

As part of this discussion, we also looked at our Crew league table for the HOWLs. This is created from each student’s HOWLs grade which have been used to create the Crew average. Crew Parkinson are doing fantastically well in regards to working hard, getting smart and being kind. We identified some of the behaviours that Crew does which mean that we have high averages for the HOWLs, but also ways in which we could improve.

We are currently in second place so a massive well done Crew!

Crew Parkinson’s Christmas

I hope everyone in Crew Parkinson had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to the year ahead.

We had a fabulous last week at school. Secret Santa was a wonderful Crew session – it was great hearing all the laughter and seeing everyone with massive smiles on their faces. Thank you Crew Parkinson for spreading Christmas cheer.


We also had a great time at Flip Out. This was our reward for brilliant conduct in PE and everyone remembering to bring their kit each week. Keep this up! We had some great laughs during our time there. Needless to say the Crew were definitely better than I was – Aaron and Kristian were particular superstars at it!


I’d like to thank Crew for a wonderful start to the academic year, I’m sure next year will be even better.

Happy New Year Crew!

It’s not all fun and games!

On Friday, Crew Parkinson and Crew Turing competed against each other in a game involving drainpipes!

The aim was to roll the tennis ball along the drainpipes from one side of the sports hall to the other and back again in the fastest time. It’s harder than it looks!

At first our technique was lacking but the Crew soon realised the best way to manoeuvre the ball – make sure the drainpipes are connected underneath each other, don’t have the slope too steep, everyone stand on the same side so we don’t bump into each other to name a few.

It was a team effort with values of respect and compassion being shown, for example not getting annoyed if someone dropped the ball and letting each other have a turn to speak when discussing tactics.

It was great fun and really helped teamwork in the Crew – we also learnt that we’re quite competitive!


Crew Parkinson’s SLCs and Academic Pledges

Crew Parkinson have completed their first SLC at XP East. I would like to appreciate them for all their hard work, effort and dedication they have put into preparing for them. They have worked as a Crew to support each other by offering critique, advice and their time to practice with each other.

I am so proud of how much they have grown both academically and socially since their time at XP East. Their confidence, maturity, knowledge, understanding and friendship has developed since meeting each other for the first time on Outward Bound in Wales. All this has happened in 3 months – just think where we’ll be in 5 years time!

Here’s a throwback to our first few days together in Wales, it’s immensely rewarding the journey we have been on together and I am thrilled to know that this will continue. 

Part of the SLC process is making an academic pledge in order for the students to develop further and continue improving. This is what we discussed today, it was great to hear how students have identified the areas they need to work on in regards to subjects and the HOWLs and what they need to do to achieve this pledge. It will be interesting when we review the pledges next year to see what progress we have made towards meeting them.

Well Done Crew Parkinson – you should all be proud of what you have achieved!