E24 (Y8) students have spent the last two terms exploring if we are truly responsible for our own thoughts and deeds as part of their HUMS expedition, ‘Making Your Mind Up.’

Over the course of three case studies, they have studied Macbeth, looked at Hitler’s rise to power, analysed modern media and are now ready to share their learning with you on the following dates:

8 Explorer: Wednesday 5th June, 5pm-6pm.

8 Pioneer: Thursday 6th June, 5pm-6pm.

We look forward to seeing you, and thank you for your continued support.

Final Product Progress: High Voltage

8/E24 Have been working hard this week building their final products. We have used a number of new tools and equipment in our brand new building. As a crew we need to have all work completed by Thursday 16th of May. If any students have any game work unfinished we will be running a product lab in extended study for everyone to get caught up.

E24 Final Product Lab

E24 have started their new final product 

For the final product of ‘High Voltage’ expedition the students will be building and displaying battery powered series circuit games that will be given and left a local primary school for indoor lunch groups. The building of the products will take place in STEAM product lab sessions. The presentation of learning will also take place at the primary school as students will explain their product and build design in terms of circuits, current, voltage. 



Y8/E24 Assessment reminder

Students in C24 have their end of case study assessment on Wednesday 17/04/19 this week. This will be an exam of 1-6 mark questions and a combination of the work we have been doing on:

  • Magnets
  • Voltage, current and resistance
  • Building circuits
  • Electricity and how it works
  • Static Electricity
  • National Grid

For revision students will be able to use the Case Study 2 resources on the expedition website and the explore further page on the website also.

Expedition Website High Voltage 





Gruesome STEAM

C24 have linked in the immersion week of capital punishment via electric chair and their knowledge of how electricity works. We investigated how electricity can result in death and how this occurs. We found that water can make the skin 100x less resistant to electrical current, which is why they use a wet sponge when sending people to the electric chair!

The habits of work and learning in C24 Explorer have been outstanding this week and this in an example of the craftsmanship and quality that has been produced from Lewis Dawson.


Well done Explorer!

My most enjoyable time as a teacher!

Below are a few highlights of the last STEAM expedition ‘Why am I me?’
This has been by far my most enjoyable time whilst teaching in secondary.
All thanks to the hard work put in by C24 students and learning coaches of XP East.

Fieldwork: Leeds University


Presentation of learning and Final product: Student led experiment demo


Expedition Wall Curation: Photo of students at various stages of their life