As this academic year ends, we’re already looking forward to our first week back!

School starts again on Tuesday 27th August, 8.30am.  Students will require a PE kit for Tuesday and Wednesday, along with their usual stationery (pen, pencil and ruler) A kit list has been provided for Friday’s activity.

**There is no extended study during the first week back**

Tuesday: In school with a normal finish time of 3:15.

Wednesday: In school with a normal finish time of 3:15. 

Thursday: Students are out of school today, within normal school hours.  They should wear their usual everyday clothes and bring their bags and stationery. They will also need a packed lunch and a bottle of water (provided for students on FSM).

Friday: Students need to be at school for 7.45am.  We will be out of school all day so students will need a backpack with a packed lunch, a bottle of water, hiking boots and waterproofs. Students on FSM will be provided with a pack lunch.

Please check the kit list below for further details of the required clothing.  Please can students come to school in trainers, not their walking boots.  We are expected to be back at school for around 5pm (to be confirmed during our first week back.)

Please refer to these important docs and ensure you and your child are familiar with them.  A medical form will be sent home on Tuesday 27th; please return this to us on Wednesday 28th.

Have a wonderful summer break!


E24 (Y8) Fieldwork: 7th June 2019

E24 students will be out on fieldwork on Friday 7th June, 7.45am-4pm.

As this is an immersion activity, the location will be kept secret until the day, when we will also reveal the Guiding Question for our new expedition (can you believe it’s the last one of the current school year?!)

Please take note of the details below:

Students need to arrive at school no later than 7.45am, to ensure prompt departure at 8am.

  • Students will need to bring a packed lunch and bottle of water (no glass bottles, fizzy drinks or sweets.)  A packed lunch will be provided for those students receiving free school meals.
  • Please bring any prescribed medication required, clearly labelled in a plastic bag or envelope with your child’s name and required dosage.  This includes travel sickness tablets where necessary as we will be travelling via coach for approximately 1.5 hours.
  • Sensible clothing, coat and shoes need to be worn (we will be outside for most of the day.) Sandals/sliders/open toe shoes are not permitted, but trainers are fine.
  • I know we can’t predict the weather but if sunshine is forecast, please make sure your child has sunscreen and sunhat. Or, if it’s forecast rain, please send them with an appropriate waterproof jacket (with a hood) and suitable footwear.

We will arrive back at school at 4pm.  However, this is dependant on traffic so we’ll keep you updated via social media.

If you have any questions about the fieldwork, please contact your child’s Crew Leader or email

E24 (Y8) students have spent the last two terms exploring if we are truly responsible for our own thoughts and deeds as part of their HUMS expedition, ‘Making Your Mind Up.’

Over the course of three case studies, they have studied Macbeth, looked at Hitler’s rise to power, analysed modern media and are now ready to share their learning with you on the following dates:

8 Explorer: Wednesday 5th June, 5pm-6pm.

8 Pioneer: Thursday 6th June, 5pm-6pm.

We look forward to seeing you, and thank you for your continued support.

E24 Final Product Lab

E24 have started their new final product 

For the final product of ‘High Voltage’ expedition the students will be building and displaying battery powered series circuit games that will be given and left a local primary school for indoor lunch groups. The building of the products will take place in STEAM product lab sessions. The presentation of learning will also take place at the primary school as students will explain their product and build design in terms of circuits, current, voltage. 



Gruesome STEAM

C24 have linked in the immersion week of capital punishment via electric chair and their knowledge of how electricity works. We investigated how electricity can result in death and how this occurs. We found that water can make the skin 100x less resistant to electrical current, which is why they use a wet sponge when sending people to the electric chair!

The habits of work and learning in C24 Explorer have been outstanding this week and this in an example of the craftsmanship and quality that has been produced from Lewis Dawson.


Well done Explorer!

My most enjoyable time as a teacher!

Below are a few highlights of the last STEAM expedition ‘Why am I me?’
This has been by far my most enjoyable time whilst teaching in secondary.
All thanks to the hard work put in by C24 students and learning coaches of XP East.

Fieldwork: Leeds University


Presentation of learning and Final product: Student led experiment demo


Expedition Wall Curation: Photo of students at various stages of their life

As we come to the end of our current STEAM expedition, Y8 students will be visiting Leeds University on Wednesday 27th February.  The Health Sciences Outreach Team have organised an exciting day of workshops which will enable students to consolidate their learning and prepare their answer to the expedition’s guiding question: “Why am I me?”

The arrangements are as follows:

  • All students to arrive at school by 7.45am to ensure a prompt departure from school at 8.00am.
  • Students will need to bring a bottle of water and optional snack (no glass bottles or fizzy drinks or sweets.)
  • Please bring any prescribed medication required, clearly labelled in a plastic bag or envelope with your child’s name and required dosage.
  • Sensible clothing, coat and shoes need to be worn (we will be outside for part of the day.)
  • Lunch will be provided free of charge for all students.
  • Students will return to school at approximately 3.15pm – although we will post updates on the website and social media.

In the interests of ensuring a prompt departure from, and return back, to school it is important that – as always – our students arrive on time on these fieldwork days.