E25 have a Quizlet task to work through as pre-learning before our lesson on Thursday 17th January 2019.  Use the resources available to familiarise yourself with the 15 words and definitions in advance of our lesson.

We discussed good ways of doing this: it is better to spend 15 minutes each day on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on the bus, at break or in Extended Study, than to cram it all into one session!

The link is on Google Classroom or you can click here.

Many thanks,

Mrs Townson

7Explorer Immersion Week!

Phew!  It’s been a busy week so far for 7Explorer and we’ve only been back at school for three days!

The new year has seen the launch of our new expedition, beginning with Immersion Week which is when we are given lots of clues about what our new expedition and guiding question might be about.  We have to try and piece the clues together, looking out for any red herrings!

We started by sharing the following quotation:

‘I wanted you to see what real courage is.  It’s when you know you’re licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and see it through no matter what.’

We then watched the opening credits to the film ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’.Image result for to kill a mockingbird opening credits

What could the connection be?

Yesterday, we travelled to Liverpool where we visited the International Slavery Museum.  We are now busy trying to work out how what we saw and heard could link with our new expedition.Image result for international slavery museum liverpool

Today, we took part in a Gallery Walk, contemplating different images, some happy, some quite harrowing, and thought about how these could also be linked.  A couple of us think we spotted some red herrings!

So far, words such as unique, slavery, division, separation, punishment, racism and rights have been shared.

The ‘big reveal’ is on Friday – what do you think our new expedition will be about?

Propaganda Posters: A Gallery Walk

Today in HUMAN, 7Explorer celebrated 100% of extended study being handed in and completed with excellent standards of Craftsmanship and Quality.

We celebrated by sharing our beautiful work during a Gallery Walk and appreciating the hard work that has obviously taken place.

Well done, Explorer!

Now, take a look for yourselves…

7Explorer Working Hard!

Today in HUMAN, 7Explorer have been grappling with our first historical source analysis using World War One propaganda posters.

After using the source to make notices and wonders, and text-coding a WAGOLL, we are now working hard to answer the question, ‘What is the message behind Source A?’

The levels of productivity from 7Explorer are brilliant, with all of us being focused, thinking hard and challenging ourselves.


Fieldwork Debrief

Following our brilliant fieldwork to Leeds Royal Armouries as part of our expedition ‘Over the Top!’, 7Explorer have spent time debriefing and critiquing our visit.

Using our fieldwork ‘Norms’ checklist, we reflected on the following aspects:

  • I proactively seek and consider diverse voices, ideas and perspectives
  • I seek first to understand, then to be understood
  • I take care of myself, others and the environment
  • I embrace the mindset that promotes my own and others’ learning
  • I address conflict directly, productively and with compassion
  • I seek opportunities to show gratitude and celebrate with peers.

Now, we can’t wait until our next fieldwork which will take place straight after the Christmas holidays.  Watch this space…

What has maths got to do with WW1?

This week, C25 have been exploring local data of the soldiers that fell in their postcode in the First World War. They have been using the following source from the Imperial War Museum, an interactive map (A Street Near You), which presents fact files about the soldiers, their death, their rank, and any other records that are on file.

The year 7 classes have then been populating their own personal data set with information on the soldiers in their area, which we will be using this week to calculate averages, create frequency graphs and bar charts.

There were some really fruitful discussions about why some streets did not have any records, and some students noticed that they may have found brothers, or soldiers who had died just days apart. Seeing the map made us all reflect on how devastating the war must have been on our community.

Florence even found one of her ancestors at an address near her current one. We also found records for Arthur and Ernest Hickson, Miss Hickson is going to do a little research to find out if she is related to them.

I’d just like to appreciate C25 for being so respectful and working hard on this, and I’d like to remind Explorer to have it completed by our next lesson on Tuesday so we can start our research.

WW1 GoGoMo!

Today in HUMAN, 7Explorer have been revisiting the learning we have covered about Propaganda and Propaganda posters which were used during World War One to encourage men and women to enlist in the army and ‘do their bit’.

Using the protocol ‘GoGoMo’, which stands for “Give one, Get one. Move on’, we traded facts and information and then used this to help us answer questions on an Exit Ticket.

Zach said, ‘This is a really good way of working.  Can we do it again?’

Ruby and Leoni gathered over 30 useful pieces of information.  Brilliant!

Propaganda: Gallery Walk

Today in 7Explorer, we have undertaken a Gallery Walk where we made notices about different propaganda posters used during World War One.

We paid particular attention to the language and images that had been used and we had to think about who the images were aimed at.

The litmus test is Friday afternoon!

Getting into classrooms, talking to students and supporting staff is the single most important aspect of my work at XP East, and one of the biggest litmus tests for looking at the quality of what’s going on is always the end of the week – Friday afternoons!

Yet again, this is what I have seen:

Students redrafting work, students responding to teacher feedback, students using rubrics to support their progress, exceptional levels of productivity, excellent student behaviour, staff working their socks off, students working their socks off, small targeted group work, Padlets being used to support student progress… Oh and did I mention students and staff working their socks off?

Remember, if the litmus test is Friday afternoon – this is working, and its working very well!

Hey, dear everyone else in the world – what does Friday afternoon look like where you work?

Like this?

A Letter from the Trenches: Draft 2

Students in 7Explorer are working hard writing draft two of their letter from the trenches.

After reading teacher critique, listening to Callum read aloud draft one of his letter (which is amazing) and watching clips from Peter Jackson’s moving film ‘They Shall Not Grow Old’ to inspire us even more, we are purple polishing to make our letters even better!