A Letter from the Trenches

Phew!  It’s been a busy week for 7 Explorer in HUMAN.

At the start of the week, we read a selection of letters written by soldiers on the front line during World War One.  This was incredibly moving.  Ruby was moved to tears.

We noted some extremely perceptive notices, wonders and questions.

Today, after listening to a clip of one soldier’s letter, we made notes and then text-coded them in preparation for writing our own personal letters from the point of view of a serviceman.

So, next session, we will be planning our letter and then writing draft one over the holidays.

Dodgeball Rematch!

An exciting dodgeball rematch took place between Crew Churchill and Crew Young!

This was a follow-on from our previous encounter when Crew Churchill were the winners.  Crew Young were hoping to equalise.

Crew Churchill won the first game.  Crew Young made a valiant comeback during the second game, however, Crew Churchill proved too strong and were victorious!

Both teams played with true sportsmanship and integrity and congratulated each other at the end.

We can’t wait for our next Dodgeball challenge!

FXP invite you to our first social event of the school year!

We are hosting a FAMILY QUIZ NIGHT, with a mix of questions on a variety of subjects covering several eras, so that ALL ages, (pupils, parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, younger siblings, etc) are able contribute to your team effort.

Get your thinking caps on & your team together.

There are prizes for the best (appropriate) team name and a mixed hamper for the winning team!

We look forward to welcoming you all, new families and existing, to what promises to be a fab, FUNdraiser to start the school year.

Date: Friday 16thNov 2018

Doors open 6pm, eyes down 6.30pm

£20 per table/team – maximum 6 people per table/team

Includes Pie, Peas (or Beans) & Gravy

(veggie & other dietary requirements catered for)

Other refreshments including hot & cold drinks will be available to purchase on the night.


NB: Tickets will be available to prebook only for this event, so that we can be sure to cater for all guests!

Entry forms are available from both school offices and available in the car park after school this week on Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th October. Please complete and return entry form to school with your £20 team entry fee by Friday 9th November at the latest (first week back after Half Term hols). Include team details and any special dietary requirements.

Many thanks FXP

7 Pioneer have celebrated the beautiful poetry they have created about the First World War in their lessons this week.

After working hard, drafting, redrafting, critiquing and finally writing their final piece, Pioneer have presented their poetry for the whole class to enjoy.

It is fantastic to hear how imaginative and empathetic each pupil is and celebrate the determination shown in finding specific words and figurative language to use in their poems. This resulted in the poems conjuring imagery about the horrors of the war.

The pupils practiced their poem in groups of six and received critique to help them project their voices and speak with interesting intonation.

All pupils showed courage and compassion when reading their poems and listening in the  audience to each other.

A big congratulations to all!

Getting Smart Across HUMS & STEAM

Here’s some examples of Explorer working hard and getting smart over the last week across sessions.


And here’s some praise for students from staff across the week:

Rhys worked exceptionally hard during Spanish. After setting a goal of completing 10 tasks, he did so. He then moved up to 15. After further encouragement Rhys moved onto the hardest task and finished 18 on the rubric. Fantastic work Rhys!

I’ve been impressed with how much Lewis H has been writing and working hard. Particularly in HUMS. Keep it up!

Nathan volunteered to read aloud the main role of narrator in OMOM over two HUMS sessions. Class praised his courage and craftsmanship and quality as he never missed a line.

Raven read main role of George in OMOM with craftsmanship and quality, especially with American accent.

Corey read role of ‘The Boss’ in OMOM fantastically and really got into it with the American accent.

Alanis volunteered to read aloud role of Candy in OMOM over two HUMS sessions. She initially didn’t do an American accent and said “I can’t do it”, she showed craftsmanship and quality and courage by reading her line again and showed she can do an amazing American accent. 

A Ghostly Reading!

A spooky thing was happening in 7Explorer on Friday!

As part of a close text study activity, focusing on our anchor text ‘War Horse’, 7Explorer took part in a new protocol: Ghost Read.

Students read the text and then whispered words and phrases that linked with the key question. It was spooookkkkyyyy!



With there being no fixtures now until after half term there will be no Rugby or Football training on Monday 15th Oct and Thursday 18th Oct respectively.

Rugby training will resume on the first Tuesday back after half term before a game versus Hall Cross on Wednesday 8th Nov for year 7 and 8 – more details to follow.

Football training will be shelved for boys until after Christmas as the league fixtures are now delayed until it is light enough again to play them after school. Basketball club will begin on Mondays after school in its place.

I will post full after school club info for next half term later this week.

What has Crew Parkinson been doing this week?

Yet another fantastic week in Crew for us!

Monday: We had our check ins from the weekend –  it’s lovely to hear what an exciting and relaxing time Crew had at the weekend – I look forward to this weekend’s update on Monday.

Tuesday: This session was dedicated to accelerated reader. It’s great to see some students so engrossed in reading, meaning they have already finished their books, taken the quizzes and moved onto a new book.

Wednesday: We discussed homework and organisation. It’s vital we all take responsibility for remembering to do and complete homework – this is a perfect opportunity to show that you work hard and get smart.

Thursday: Rosie’s birthday! (We all enjoyed cupcakes- thank you!) We also challenged Crew Churchill from Year 8 to a game of dodgeball – both crews showed respect, compassion and worked well together – we need a rematch to decide the ultimate winners! 

Friday: Apologies, appreciations and stands followed by community meeting – it’s brilliant to hear crew reflecting on the week and appreciating each other for their friendship and compassion. For instance, Ava appreciated Lacey for showing compassion by waiting for her after lesson so they could eat their dinner together. It’s the small acts of kindness that make a big difference.

Let’s see what next week has in store for us!