E24 Final Product Lab

E24 have started their new final product 

For the final product of ‘High Voltage’ expedition the students will be building and displaying battery powered series circuit games that will be given and left a local primary school for indoor lunch groups. The building of the products will take place in STEAM product lab sessions. The presentation of learning will also take place at the primary school as students will explain their product and build design in terms of circuits, current, voltage. 



Sad news

Please find below a copy of the letter from Mr Sprakes that came home with students today.


Decipher the Data Drop

I have been immensely impressed with my crew’s contribution to our school’s community during the week running up to the Easter bank holiday, considering lots of their friends and family are off! Here’s a snapshot of what’s gone on in crew over that period:

Abi brought in a phenomenal model of our solar system in to show us, that links in really nicely with the STEAM expedition, Escape Earth. Her craftsmanship and quality really blew me away, it’s great to see her going above and beyond to set an example of what a 4.0+ (in the excellence category) looks like! As part of our academic crew session and assessment prep for maths, we did a Kahoot competition, where quickfire questions were presented to crew as a race against the clock. They clearly knew their stuff, and I’d like to congratulate Jess for coming first in both rounds! On Thursday, we enjoyed a table tennis tournament with Crew Mandela. It was lovely to get appreciations from members of their crew at the end of the session on how respectful Crew Turing had been throughout.

I was also treated to many a culinary delights from numerous members of my crew, with Torran and Junia’s blueberry pancakes being very memorable.

The final activity we participated in as a crew before breaking up for almost a week off was an individual breakdown of their personal data. We spent a lot of time last week looking at our stats as a crew, but I thought it would be more meaningful if we assessed our progress against our HOWLs data from November to see if there had been gains or losses, and explore why that might be:

I gave them the following criteria for them to colour code their HOWLs, on whether they had gone up/down.

HOWL Progress Colour Codes:

  • – 1.0 or more = red
  • – 0.9 to – 0.5 = orange
  • – 0.4 to – 0.1 = yellow
  • stayed the same = no colour
  • + 0.1 to 0.4 = green
  • + 0.5 to 0.9 = blue
  • + 1.0 or above = purple

These codes match the criteria of how we colour code our spreadsheets and the charts we keep up across the school, to make it meaningful to my crew. We did this as a silent solo activity, some students noticed patterns and were able to decipher why their ‘work hard’ might have gone down ever so slightly, be it, they were contributing less in class, or maybe hadn’t been as diligent with their homework. There was also a lot of positives to take away from their stats too, such as Dylan’s, who had made huge progress in HUMAN after improving his productivity and concentration in session!

Each member of my crew annotated their thoughts on why they had been awarded the HoWLs they had received, while I floated around to discuss their progress individually. I was amazed to hear their thoughts about their learning and character development, and thought that we should seize this opportunity to set some further targets based on our findings.

I’ve left them with the task of over these next three days we have in crew, to set individualised targets which I will publish with next week’s blog post based on their data. Not only were they left with that to think about for extended study, they have also been sent home with these gorgeous easter bunnies that were kindly given to each member of crew by Torran, which he had handmade – what a great way to end the week!

Despite the very short week due to the Easter Bank Holidays, Crew Young still found time to engage in some creative artwork yesterday, in a morning session led by Ella on the theme of mindfulness. Crew members were invited to select a piece of music of personal significance to them, and this played in the background whilst the artwork was being produced.

Ella’s session followed other student-led sessions on table tennis and baking. Thanks Ella!

E25 are well into Case Study 1 of our new STEAM expedition Escape Earth now and we are already looking ahead to our next fieldwork activity.  This will be on Tuesday 4th June. 

Please make arrangements for your child to arrive at school no later than 7:45am and be collected around 5pm.  

The arrangements are as follows:

  • All students to arrive at school by 7:45am for a prompt departure at 8am.
  • Students will need to bring a packed lunch and bottle of water (no glass bottles or fizzy drinks or sweets.)
  • Please bring any prescribed medication required, clearly labelled in a plastic bag or envelope with your child’s name and required dosage.  This includes travel sickness tablets where necessary as we will be travelling via coach for approximately 2 hours.
  • Sensible clothing, coat and shoes need to be worn (we will be outside for part of the day)
  • Students will return to school at approximately 5pm – although we will post updates on the website and social media.
  • If any parents would like to know the destination of our fieldwork or have any questions, please contact me at jtownson@xpeast.org

Many thanks for your support.

What is Crew?

I could comment on the excellent work we’ve done around tracking HOWLs recently; or as a Crew nominating three students who have made excellent progress towards their pledges; or how we’ve recently resolved conflict through the power of circling up and discussing issues maturely and sensitively.

But when two students make an effort to give everyone an Easter egg and a bag of chocolates, followed by two special presentations to students who they think have worked particularly hard to overcome challenges, you know something is going right.

That is Crew.

A huge thank you to Denim and Thea who brought Easter eggs and chocolate for everyone today, unprompted and out of the goodness of their own hearts.

I was particularly blown away by their decision to reward Lucie and Zach for the hard work, progress towards their individual targets, and work around their HOWLs. Complete with signed mug!

We continue to face our challenges, our ups and downs, our need for some positive reinforcement of expectations, some motivation to get going, encouragement – that’s life!

But life is better when there is Crew.

Y8/E24 Assessment reminder

Students in C24 have their end of case study assessment on Wednesday 17/04/19 this week. This will be an exam of 1-6 mark questions and a combination of the work we have been doing on:

  • Magnets
  • Voltage, current and resistance
  • Building circuits
  • Electricity and how it works
  • Static Electricity
  • National Grid

For revision students will be able to use the Case Study 2 resources on the expedition website and the explore further page on the website also.

Expedition Website High Voltage 





7 Pioneer Begin Case Study 3

This week, 7 Pioneer have started the 3rd and final case study in the stand up expedition. This case study moves us away from the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade and into modern day slavery.

The case study has a geographical focus – we started to explore development in the world and how the world, and many countries, have a development gap. We defined development and how it revolves around making progress in the social, economic, environmental and political factors of a country.

So, how do we know how developed a country is? We introduced the concept of development indicators which are used to measure a country’s development, such as literacy rate, death rate and infant mortality rate.

Students then had to evaluate these to find which measures are more useful than others – hidden around the room were explanations for how useful each measure was and the students had to hunt them down and decide which measure the explanation was for. 

Towards the end of the week, we looked at the Demographic Transition Model. This model is based on the UK’s development and is applied to other countries around the world. It explains how birth rate, death rate and total population changes as a country develops. The students had statements which they had to allocate into the right stage with examples of countries which fit that stage.

I was impressed with how the students grappled with this – it’s challenging but they worked hard and supported each other to identify what was happening on the model and understand reasons for these changes.

I’m so excited to carry on with this case study which will use the Democratic Republic of Congo as an example and focus on its social, economic, environmental and political features, linking these to the expedition.


Crew Mandela update!

Crew Mandela have had a great week in terms of HOWLS. The whole crew have made huge improvements with working towards 4.0 in work hard. We had a weekly crew focus to ensure that all students get their hand up in sessions as much as possible! We then had a session with a focus on how messages can be misinterpreted by others, even when students are trying their hardest to pass on the correct information. Watch the video below to get a feel of the topic of discussion had.

Passing on the Message!


In addition we also had a joint crew session with crew Turing who were fantastic with taking part in a crew led table tennis tournament.


Thanks to crew Turing for showing so much sportsmanship!


We are looking for Learning Coaches (Teaching Assistants) to start their induction on Monday 17th June 2019.

We will consider ANY LEVEL of experience as there are a number of vacancies available. Any experience of the following would be advantageous for some of the vacancies:

  • To promote inclusion and acceptance of all learners in the classroom.
  • To work as part of a Learning Expedition team in supporting and including students with learning difficulties/disabilities, such as autism, in mainstream classes.
  • To help with planning, delivering and implementation of work programmes to individuals, groups and classes of learners under the direction and supervision of Expedition staff.
  • To take into account a students’ special needs and ensure their access to a lesson and its content through appropriate clarification, explanations, equipment and materials.

Deadline for applications is 12 noon, Tuesday 7th May 2019.

Interviews will take place w/c 13th May.

To access the application form and to find out more about our recruitment process click here.

A tour of the school will be part of the interview schedule if you get through to this stage.