Due to the level of demand we receive each year, once again we will be holding two information evenings for prospective parents and students for both XP and XP East. These will take place on on Wednesday 3rd October and Thursday 4th October.
The evenings will take place from 6:00pm, with registration starting at XP School on each evening. Both evenings will have the same schedule and will be appropriate for parents applying to either/both of our schools, with an opportunity to see both.
Please attend on Wednesday 3rd October if your son’s or daughter’s surname is between A and K in the alphabet.
Please attend on Thursday 4th October if your son’s or daughter’s surname is between L and Z in the alphabet.
The evening will provide details of how we learn at XP Trust secondary schools through academically challenging learning expeditions, what you should expect from us and what we expect from you. This will include presentations from our students as well as a chance to see both of our secondary schools where there will be activities taking place in different rooms.
We expect each evening to finish at around 7.30pm.
Please park in Doncaster Rovers FC Car Park 3 and enter the school through the student entrance gate on the south side of the campus and not the vehicle entrance gates on the north side.
There will be an opportunity for parents/carers to ask any questions, all are welcome.
We look forward to seeing you there!

7 Pioneer have had their first experience of drafting, peer critique and rubrics at XP East.

Step 1 – The pupils wrote their first draft a job advertisement for WW1 forces role, for example a Royal Engineer or an Army Medic. We discussed why we write drafts and the benefit this has to improving our work. We text coded a WAGOLL job advertisement (What A Good One Looks Like) to analyse the content and language devices used so that Pioneer could use this as inspiration in their own writing. Next, rubrics were introduced – this is how work is assessed for different targeted features and at different levels. The pupils would use this to know how to achieve the highest they could in each of the target areas.

Step 2 – peer critique! A special mention to Aaron, Ava and Charlie who had made a great start and had their first draft peer critiqued by the class. Pioneer discussed what they had done well and how they could make their work even better if …..

Well done to Pioneer for being Kind, Specific and Helpful with their critique and to Aaron, Ava and Charlie who responded well to this critique and used it to improved their work.

Step 3 – all pupils had their work critiqued by another member of the class and each person wrote Kind, Specific and Helpful feedback for their peers to use. There was some great feedback given and even better responses to this feedback, with the drafts significantly improving after this process.

Step 4 – final draft! Once drafts had been written and peer critique given, Pioneer were ready to write their final draft. It was important that the pupils showed craftsmanship and quality with this in order for them to create beautiful work. The pupils worked hard when writing this and they should all be proud of the work they have produced – I know I am!

Here’s an example of Pioneer’s beautiful work- this is Jacob’s, Ava’s, Abi’s and Zach’s.





Staff Days and Calendar Reminder

Just a reminder that tomorrow and Monday are Staff Days so students are not to come in.

Click here to see how you can add our school calendars to your phone/device.

Below is this year’s calendar:

Introducing Our Anchor Text: War Horse

‘I saw the grey soldiers ahead of us raise their rifles and heard the death rattle of a machine gun…’

Today in our HUMAN session, 7 Explorer started to become immersed in our anchor text.  We will be reading ‘War Horse’ by Michael Morpurgo throughout our expedition ‘Over the Top’.

After reading Chapter 1, we are already enthralled with the developing friendship of a boy, Albert, and his horse, Joey.  We can’t wait to find out about this truest of friendships surviving in the most terrible of times.

Dropping off and picking up students

When dropping off and picking up students please stick to the speed limit in the car park and approach with caution. Please do not cut across the car parking spaces and look out for students cross the car park when driving around it.
Thank you for your support in this.

Extended Study – Spanish numbers and ages

This week our X25 students are learning how to count up to 15 and how to ask and state their ages in Spanish. They have been given a double-sided task sheet to practise this material, as Extended Study, and this is due in for submission during their session next week.

I have shared a copy of the lesson resources here, and clear explanations/examples of the tasks, with each student (via Google Slides accessed through their school e-mail account). I will also be present in Extended Study after school on Thursday this week to offer extra support.

Thanks. Mr Pearson.

The votes are in…

Update from Crew Turing, formerly known as Crew Haughey (KHA)

This week, our crew voted on the name that we would be adopting for the next 5 years. We had a very large selection of inspirational people’s names (over 50!), for instance: Obama, Henry Ford, Anne frank, Aneurin Bevan, J. K. Rowling, Alan Sugar, JFK, Churchill, George Washington, Steve Jobs, Lincoln, MLK, Mary Shelley, Queen Elizabeth, Bob Marley, Frida Kahlo, Ben Parkinson, Newton, Edison….

Firstly, we did some research at home for our own choice that we were to present to crew in the morning sessions. We each found out key facts, quotes and prepared a piece on how they had embodied the character traits during their lifetimes.

Once we had all presented, we all voted to see who would be our crew name. After one round of voting we ended up with a tie, so we did a second vote of our top two selections, Enid Blyton and Alan Turing, and Alan Turing was chosen in the 2nd round of votes.

Alan Turing was a very gifted mathematician, some even argue that he was a math genius, who studied at Cambridge University where he made some amazing breakthroughs.

We chose Alan Turing because he showed the character traits of courage for telling people he was gay in a time when being gay was illegal. He showed craftsmanship and quality for managing to crack the Nazi’s enigma code using his invention, ‘the Bombe’ (if he didn’t it is predicted that World War 2 would have lasted 2 more years!) as well as building the first machine that is considered to be the first modern computer – Turing’s machine. He showed commitment to working hard and getting smart (the HOWLs), by riding his bike 60 miles just to get to the first day of school!

He also was the father of the modern computer science. Sadly, Turing committed suicide after his employers found out about his homosexuality, he was prescribed a hormone treatment and was sent to prison. He inspired Steve jobs so much he used the icon of the apple laced with cyanide as the Apple logo. He was awarded the Smiths prize and an OBE for cracking the enigma code and decoding the messages the Nazis were sending, but this remained a secret until 50 years after his death.

Alan Turing played a crucial role in winning the Second World War, he was a pioneer of modern computing and mathematics. Despite being a war hero and revolutionary, his life had a tragic ending.

We felt that Turing was not given the dignity and respect for his achievements during his lifetime, and this is why we’d like to acknowledge his greatness by honouring his name as our crew name. We know that at XP East, we will always reward hard work, efforts in getting smart, and kindness and compassion, as well as make stands against all forms of prejudice, such as the homophobia Turing faced, and the way he brought down the Nazis.

We’d like to finish our blog post with a quote from The Imitation Game (a biopic made about Turing’s life):

Sometimes it is the people no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine

We are Crew Turing, and we will continue on our journey through education, doing the things that no one could imagine we are capable of.

Peer Critique: Be Kind, Be Specific, Be Helpful

After completing draft 1 of our World War I job descriptions, 7Explorer started to think about how we could help each other to improve and develop our work further.

We discussed how peer critique could help and the protocol we use when doing this.  Working in pairs, we were kind, specific and helpful with our feedback, making suggestions about how our partner’s writing could be developed.

For example, Caiden suggested that Lacey-May could include rhetorical questions to make her writing more persuasive.

Lucie-Mae suggested to Ruben that he could be more specific when outlining the daily roles and responsibilities for a sailor in the Navy.


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To order yours, please send £25 to the school office & we will leave your Purple Voucher Books in an envelope with your name on, ready for you to collect.

Introducing Crew Parkinson…

Crew HHI (as we were known until now) have been busy deciding on our Crew name over the last week.

We started with about 25 suggestions of inspirational people, before narrowing it down to Charles Darwin, Rosa Parks, Steven Spielberg and Ben Parkinson.

The pupils then researched these 4 people and presented their argument for why we should vote for the person they wanted our Crew to be named after. Well done to all crew members who presented with confidence and clarity.

Then came our confidential vote – the moment of truth!

It was very close, with Parkinson winning by 1 vote.

So, why Ben Parkinson?

Paratrooper Lance Bombardier Ben Parkinson is regarded as one of the most injured soldiers to survive the war in Afghanistan. In 2006 the vehicle he was in detonated an anti-tank mine, which caused Ben to have over 40 injuries. He suffered brain damage, which impacted his speech, and needed both legs amputated due to his injuries. It was thought he wouldn’t walk, talk or even survive his injuries but the sheer determination shown by Ben has meant that he has achieved this. Ben has been awarded an MBE and has taken part in a variety of challenges and charity work to raise awareness and gain support for other injured service personnel.

Our Crew have been learning about WW1 in their expedition ‘Over the Top’ and they have explored the qualities and characteristics associated with soldiers.  Courage, determination, defying all odds, loyalty and compassion are all qualities shown by Ben and are characteristics valued by XP East. Therefore, the majority of the Crew felt Ben was the best inspirational person to name our Crew after, as he embodies the characteristics that we value as individuals and as a school.

He really is an inspiration to us all – and also a Donny lad!






Introducing Crew Mandela

Written and posted by Callie S.

Crew JSM is now Crew Mandela!

On Tuesday the 11th each Crew member was asked to present their speech (that each crew member had been working on) about what name we wanted and why.We all started doing research to find someone inspirational that represented what XP is about. There were many great suggestions such as Crew Johnson, Crew Ali, Crew Mandela and Crew Young each with just as good reasons. We then put it to a blind vote, writing which one we wanted on a slip of paper and then tallying up the scores. It was quite close between Mandela and Ali but in the end Mandela won the most votes! Unfortunately he died two years ago, but we all thought that he was an inspirational person and exactly what Xp is about and we are looking forward to further researching his life and legacy!